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Glovesmith American made custom baseball gloves are back.  What started out as an idea to return to their roots of making custom gloves here in the states has turned into so much more.  For the Custom Made in USA Series of gloves they did not go back to the factory style of production but instead a true shop, similar to the blacksmith shops of yesteryear.  The gloves are created one at a time, each under the careful direction of their head designer. 
Custom Made in USA $309.99
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Glovesmith Custom Baseball Gloves
Custom Elite $249.99
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Glovesmith Custom Baseball Glove Information

We specialize in Glovesmith custom gloves. 
They only average 3 weeks to get and we believe they are a great value.  Why buy off the rack when you can build your own ball glove.  If you choose to buy a Glovesmith custom glove you select the pattern size, web design, back style, and type of leather.  Also, you choose the color of leather, welt, lace, and index finger pad.  Get your name embroidered on the back of the thumb.  Finally, you can be assured your glove will be constructed using micro cell production.  This production method ensures unmatched attention to detail and exact quality.  We make it easy using our exclusive online custom glove order form
Why Buy a Custom Ball Glove:
So you can construct a glove that is right for you.
 You have a small hand get a Velcro back, want a more flexible glove build it out of OT leather, a pitcher you will want a closed web.  You get the idea build a glove that is right for you not the glove that the manufacturers think will sell the most units.  Having your name embroidered on the glove not only looks big league but it also helps keep the glove in your bag.  With over 1 million possibilities you can design a sweet glove that won't get mixed in with every other Pro Preferred or A2K on the bench.

American Made Baseball Glove
Custom Made in USA

Custom Baseball Gloves
Custom Limited

Why Glovesmith:
You can buy a custom Glovesmith glove for a similar price as you can buy good stock gloves from the other manufactures.  Why?  First, they are a small family owned company; this structure allows them to sell gloves at a fair price because they don't have investors to please.  Also, they have made the decision not to pay professional athletes to endorse there products; so you are not subsidizing a pro's spending money.  Their goal is to sell a top quality product at the best possible price.  Finally, who really wants to spend big money on a glove and find one that looks eerily similar at Wal-Mart.

Finally, Why Choose
Custom baseball gloves are our specialty.
  We have designed a site focused on selling Glovesmith custom gloves.  Our exclusive online custom glove order form makes ordering easy and most importantly accurate.  Our orders system allows you not to have to worry if Glovesmith can read our hand writing.  We use Mal's e-commerce checkout to ensure credit card security.  Lastly, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call we are very knowledgeable about the Glovesmith product. 

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